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lake home near Milltown, Wis., which has 10 acres of open land to putter around. Retrieved May 27, 2011. Over the years, admirers have dropped off tokens like a cow cookie jar and a framed painting of the homestead. Ferry Farm was periodically occupied by Union Soldiers as a war campground, which military personnel used to prepare for battle. At the age of 16 Washington used his father's surveying tools to survey for prominent Virginia grandees and instantly became hooked. By 1996, without enough pasture to maintain dairy production, Loftus said he was forced to get rid of the cows. 22 Artifacts from this period include hunting and gather tools, which prehistoric peoples used to hunt wildlife around and in the Rappahannock River. People like seeing the cattle there, said Savage Mayor Janet Williams, who was raised on a nearby farm.

4 6 19 Extensive archaeological investigations began in 2002 under the direction of David Muraca (formerly of Colonial Williamsburg ) and Philip Levy of the University of South Florida. Before, we never had to put up with honking horns and ambulances zipping by us all day long, Julie Loftus said. The homestead, located at the intersection of County Road 42 and Dakota Avenue, once spanned 600 acres but has slowly dwindled as family members sold off parcels. The ornate Ostrich Palace was built in 1909 for the current owner's great-grandmother. Pre-Colonial Life edit While evidence is scarce, artifacts have been dated back to 1,500.C. This project left on the landscape the site's most visible featurea large pseudo-Georgian building which now houses a museum, offices, and archaeological lab, which, since 2006, is viewable for visitors. 'We appreciate Coalinga taking a chance not only on us, but on the industry.'. The result was a deal whereby Historic Kenmore (the circa 1770s Fredericksburg home of Washington's sister Betty Washington Lewis and her husband Fielding Lewis in conjunction with the National Park Service and commonwealth funds purchased the site. The fashionable gentlemen of the late 18th century wore a wig- the single most expensive part of the gentry -class man's wardrobe." 25 Civil War edit In 1862 the Civil War arrived at Ferry Farm leaving behind a variety of artifacts throughout the duration. Siegrist maintained the property for 4 years until early on the morning of September 26, 1994 when a fire broke out at the Colbert house. Pine Grove, as well as, the Ferry Farm. Lunch and dinner is also available.

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