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of India. Major ingredients of the food served in festivals will have to be sourced (purchased) buy from the Government Organizations as selected by the Festival Authority. 119 Bangladesh - CIA World Factbook a b "Data on Religion". 32 33 Other accounts speculate that the name is derived from Venga ( Bôngo which came from the Austric word "Bonga" meaning the Sun-god. Fruits of Worship: Practical Religion in Bengal. Bengal Divided: The Unmaking of a Nation (1905-1971). A versatile genius Archived 3 February 2009 at the Wayback Machine., Frontline 21 (24 2004. 44 Atisha was a renowned Bengali Buddhist teacher who was instrumental in the revival of Buddhism in Tibet and also held the position of Abbot at the Vikramshila university. Festival Authority will ensure timely supply of these ingredients as per the requirements of the restaurateurs/ caterers / Dessert Bars/ Snacks Bars/ Tea Stalls.

Ancient Indian History and Civilization. Alexander, Claire; Chatterji, Joya (10 December 2015). History of les sites de rencontres à discuter the Bengali people: ancient period. Other religious groups include Buddhists (comprising around 1 of the population in Bangladesh) and Christians. A Practical Bengali Grammar. The conflict ended after the Indian Armed Forces intervened on the side of Bangladeshi forces in the final two weeks of the war, which ended with the Surrender of Pakistan and the liberation of Dhaka on 16 December 1971. High Commission of Bangladesh, Singapore. Riyazu-S-saltn: A History of Bengal, Ghulam Husain Salim, The Asiatic Society, Calcutta, 1902. Hasan, Sheikh Mehedi (2012). 40 The origin of the word Bangla Bengal is unknown, though it is believed to be derived from a tribe called Bang that settled in the area around the year 1000 BCE.