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loss, but what are they and do they really work to help you lose. Rumors of War has Illyra, a Class 5, who uses her feminine wiles to manipulate and her destructive magic to dominate. He once ripped a wooden chair in half with his bare hands when angered. He is very strong and strong-willed, and he's also a bit of a smartass. Most Big Guys tend to prefer big, heavy weapons like axes or hammers ( or oversized guns like bazookas or chainguns if in a modern/futuristic setting). Sheila is undeniably the toughest and best fighter in the series (she's a tank and a spaceship with an enormous gun but Tex is one of the best as well. Peter Panda in Past Division wields a giant maul and is the most physically strong of the party. Subverted in the Red Daughter of Krypton storyline in which Supergirl joins Guy Gardner's Red Lanterns. He could be either Class 2 or Class 5; in practice bouts with his teammates, he wins by strategy rather than pure strength. They are usually unflinchingly loyal, and often they are the largest member.

Fezzik the Giant in The Princess Bride. Channon Yarrow of datation dans les années 20 buzzfeed Transmetropolitan is a relatively subtle Big Girl to be fair, being physically imposing by comparison with Spider Jerusalem isn't that hard. He's also a 350-pound bear. Iratu in Slightly Damned is the biggest demon so far in the comic. Dreamscape : Vampire Lord is The Big Guy of the Five-Man Band. He's a type four: his actual job is strategy (while his vocation is providing snark and Brutal Honesty and being huge and very durable is just a tactical advantage as proven when it takes a hail of blaster fire quite a while to kill him. But piss her off, and she'll curb-stomp you with her gravity powers. This version uses their muscle intelligently, the polar opposite of the Dumb Muscle. Chapter master Tu'Shan even reportedly came to blows with the Marines Malevolent for shelling an invaded refugee encampment. Described as "a tower of a fellow as strong as an ox he was said to be seven-foot tall and wielded a BFS just as large as him in one hand.

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