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35200 Punjab 26 jhelum.P.O. Macau: 999078 Single code used for all addresses for mail from Mainland China Madagascar - Madagascar - Malaysia - Malaysia - Mexico - Mexico -Cdigo Postal (Spanish) Montenegro - Montenegro - Morocco - Morocco - the postal codes (English) Malawi: No postal code used. Not heavily used as it was introduced in 2005 by Correos de Costa Rica (Costa Rica Mail Services). Petersburg, Russia Sofia, Bulgaria Stockholm, Sweden Tirana, Albania Vienna, Austria Warsaw, Poland Indian Ocean Anjouan Island Colombo, Sri Lanka Comoros Islands Diego Garcia Grande Comore Ile Maurice Male, Maldive Islands Moroni, Comoros Islands Port Louis, Mauritius Reunion Island Seychelles Mediterranean Nicosia, Cyprus Valletta, Malta Middle/Near. The first two letters are always 'JM' (for Jamaica) while the third is for one of the four zones (A-D) into which the island is divided. Ambroise de Chicoutimi, Quebec 2862:. Morocco: 99999 * Mozambique: 99999 * Myanmar: 99999* edit N-Q * Namibia: None - South African post codes discontinued in 1992. John's, NL Halifax, NS London, ON Niagara Falls, ON Ottawa, ON Toronto, ON La Malbaie, QC Mont-Tremblant, QC Montebello, QC Montréal, QC Québec City, QC Regina, SK Saskatoon, SK Cayman Islands Grand Cayman Chile Santiago China Beijing Hangzhou Shanghai Costa Rica San José Croatia Zagreb. 47850 Punjab 19 gujranwala.P.O. 74800 Sindh 58 nowshera GPO 24100 nwfp 59 okara GPO 56300 Punjab 60 peshawar GPO 25000 nwfp 61 qila sheikhupura GPO 39350 Punjab 62 quetta GPO 87300 Balochistan 63 rahimyar khan GPO 64200 Punjab 64 rawalkot GPO 12350 Azad Kashmir 65 rawalpindi.P.O. Marys, Newfoundland 2908:.

E Post office of El Salvador (in Spanish) Post office of Estonia (in Estonian) F Post office of Faeroe Islands (in Faeroese) - Postverk Froya Post office of Faeroe Islands (Philately - in Faeroese, English, French, German and Danish) Post office of French Southern and. Post office of India (in English). Vatican City : (VA-)00120. Nauru: No postal code used.

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Albania, albania - Posta Shqiptare (PDF algeria, algeria - Le Code Postal. Post office of Ukraine (in English - no longer main site). Mauritius: No postal code used. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: No postal code used. Previously used 999999 system inherited from former Soviet Union. Post office website * Åland: (AX-)99999 Note: Country code: AX even though part of the Finnish postal code system. Post office of Isle of Man (in English) J Post office of Jamaica (in English) Post office of Japan - Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (in Japanese) Post office of Japan - Post Office (in English). 43600 Punjab 3 bagh GPO 12500 Azad Kashmir 4 bahawal nagar GPO 62300 Punjab 5 bahawalpur GPO 63100 Punjab 6 bannu GPO 28100 nwfp 7 batkhela GPO 23020 nwfp 8 bhakkar.P.O. Post office of Hong Kong (in Chinese).

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